Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

What is this Newsletter about?

Content on the internet is growing exponentially. In fact, 90% of the data available on the internet today has been created. It has become difficult to cut through the noise and find the right content since every day has only 24 hours.

10+1 Things is a curated newsletter by Rishikesh featuring 11 interesting things handpicked from the vast universe of information.

I aim to deliver information you wouldn’t have seen otherwise in a digital world filled with bots and algorithms.

Every single article, research note, book or video is handpicked and is evaluated for factual accuracy.

The Art of Curation

Every week I read 40+ newsletters, 50+ articles, 2 books and watch 20+ informative or documentary-style videos. From the information I have consumed, I carefully curate the content for this newsletter.

Sneakpeak into my Workflow
  1. Every time I consume an interesting piece of information that triggers my curiosity, I create a note about it on my Personal Knowledge Management platform, Obsidian.

  2. From the long list of ideas on Fridays, I finely curate 11 outstanding stories to create a skeleton for the newsletter. Every story featured will be cross-checked to ensure factual accuracy.

  3. Content finalised on Friday will be expanded on Saturday with further information to match the style of the newsletter.

  4. After the final formatting and grammar check is done on Sunday, the email will be scheduled to arrive in your inbox.

Every weekly issue will feature 11 interesting things including but not limited to: a piece on sustainability or climate change, a book I’m reading, an interesting video, an informative Twitter thread, a contemporary artist, a music album you’ve never heard of, a thought on personal development and more.

Who is Rishikesh?

My name is Rishikesh. I was born and raised in a beautiful village in Kerala, India. I’m a Mechanical Engineer specialized in Renewable Energy. I think of myself as a ‘Multipotentialite’ and like to work at the intersection of Technology and Art. I’m currently working on something which would be a blend of technology and art solving few problems in the sustainability sector (More on this later). You can read more about me on my blog.

Are you an Artist?

To support young and emerging artists, I have decided to utilize the featured image of the newsletter. If you are an emerging artist or know someone who wants to feature, please contact me to include their art as the cover image in the next edition of 10+1 Things for free.

Is this Newsletter Free?

This newsletter is free, but not cheap. It takes a lot of effort and time from my end (7~8 hours every week) to deliver this newsletter every week. You can help me in keeping it going by forwarding it to someone you like, buying me a coffee, supporting me, visiting my blog or following me on Twitter.

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