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Interesting stuff as always. I liked the 13 maps thread. Shows that there are many pearls to be found on Twitter. Interestingly, I remember we had an atlas in school way back in the 1980s/1990s that has maps like these printed in it. The atlas of world history. I still have it somewhere. Very valuable insights.

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Really great stuff! Back in the day I used NFC stickers posted near my front door to control smart light integrations as I entered and exited. I've also struggled remembering to enter fasting data in Zero, fantastic recommendation! It's a wonder that more people don't use those, they're so cheap and easy.

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I liked the first two the most. The first, because it shows that since the early start of humanity, we are migrants. That's good to remember in these days, where especially in the western world there's a rise in far-right thinking, where often migrants get blamed for all our problems.

Secondly, in the same vain, I like the Mesopotamia map. It's a good reminder that we have a shared culture.

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